The Invisible Referee

21st Century Traffic Control: The Invisible Referee University of Southampton

Junction Control Game

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Be the Referee!

Take the hot seat and become the invisible referee in our junction control computer game. Watch a 3-D simulation of vehicles driving through a traffic light controlled junction and choose who gets the green light. How smoothly can you make the traffic flow?

The Science

While you are playing our junction controller computer game and trying to beat the high score you are also participating in a massive live science experiment. Your control decisions are being recorded and studied by the Robot Referee.

The Robot Referee is watching you...

The Robot Referee is an Artificial Intelligence computer program. It is a learning program that is designed to observe the decisions that a human makes when playing the computer game and learn their strategy. The Robot referee has been developed from technology originally designed to teach a computer how to play Backgammon!

Usually the Robot Referee is trained by a single human expert in junction control but at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition it will be trained by every visitor to the stand who plays the game. What effect will this crowd-sourced training have on the performance of the robot referee when it controls the junction itself? We don't know! But we're going to find out at the exhibition.

Mobile Users

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